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Handson sessions for the course on Deep Learning and Inverse Problems in Marseille

View the Project on GitHub oterobaguer/marseille-course

Hands-on sessions for the course on Deep Learning and Inverse Problems in Marseille

Here you will find the course exercises as well as the solutions. If you have any question or find any error please write me an email to

Google Colab instructions

1) Create a google account

You need a google account for using Colab.

2) Open Google Colab

Go to

3) Get the notebooks

Select the GITHUB tab (1) and type oterobaguer (2). Then select the marseille-course (3) repository (master branch) and try the 00-simple-notebook (4) to verify that it works.

Local installation instructions

1) Create folder for the exercises

If you are using Git, then this happens automatically, otherwise download a .zip file with the content of the repository and uncompress it. Be careful that you don’t loose your own solutions when updating the folder!

2) Install Python

For the exercises we are going to use Python (Miniconda distribution).

The installer files for all platforms (Windows, Lunix, Mac) can be found in:

Please download the appropiate installer and run it.

Confirm that you have successfully installed Miniconda by opening a console and typing conda. If an error appears then Conda was not added to the PATH. You have to search for the Anaconda Promt terminal and open it. Then you have to change the directory the terminal is pointing to, using for example cd local_folder\local_folder2, to the directory that contains the exercises.

3) Install required packages

  1. Open a console on the folder where you have the repo and create a virtual environment by running conda create --name dl_intro.

  2. Activate the environment with the command conda activate dl_intro.

  3. The list of required packages is contained in the file requirements.txt. Install all of them by running the command conda install --file requirements.txt.

  4. Install pytorch. If you have a supported Nvidia GPU on our system run conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=9.0 -c pytorch. Otherwise just run conda install pytorch torchvision -c pytorch.

4) Run Jupyter Notebook

When everything is installed open a terminal on the exercises folder and run jupyter notebook.